thomas the tank engine isn't just for little kids it's for all ages. Everyone shoud have joy thoroghout thier entire life thomas the tank brings mutch joy to kids and adults but when kids get to about the age of 6 they loose intrest in it but I am 9 years old and I have more love for thomas the tank engine than I did when I was 2 and I loved it when I was 2. I had about 5 when I was 2 now I have about 245 Ive never sold a single one this proves my love for thomas the tank engine I hope this short persuasion piece will have grown your love for thomas even more thanks bye  














I had a really fun time on sunday.

I am going to dismal tomarow boys! good bye

i was playing my game this morning and some rando tried to scam me for $1000 gift card


I built this with my mom and brother yesterday.